Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bridal Shower Cake Pops

Last month my SIL hired me to make some cake pops for a bridal shower she was hosting.
I was more than happy at her request.  She wanted pops with sticks up, my first time doing them this way.  I went to her house to make them there...she has a gas stove, I do not.
My candy melts were not cooperating, they were thick and siezing, not fluid and easy to dip as I'm used to.  I was frustrated but made due with what I had to work with and I am not all that uphappy with how they turned out, but I do know they could have been SO much better!  After some reading a research, I realized I had the gas too hot which heated my candy melts too much.
Live and learn.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Travel Journal 2012

I am fortunate to be able to make a solo trip for my birthday this year.
In place of my annual fall girls trip that has been switched to spring of next year, I opted for a fall getaway...solo! 
I will be staying with some dear friends, the wife is so kind to take a weekend away from her family to pal around Orange County with me as well as take Monday off work to hit Disneyland with me on my birthday! =)  I'm SO excited!
Should be loads of fun and I can not tell you much needed this long weekend away is!
As with all my trips, I have created a travel journal which I will take along with me.
I jot down my thoughts/feelings/notes for that day, then when I return from my trip I will fill it up with pictures that highlight my trip.
Should be lots of fun little pictures as I will likely use mostly my iPhone and have tons of Instagram pictures....perfect little photos!
I have made this album, cover 4 1/2 x 6 1/2" in the landscape orientation.
The inside pages are mostely 4 1/4" x 6 1/4"
I have included a sampling of some of the inside pages.

Week 36

Week 36:
 Page 1:
I am loving this title page!
I mounted a Smash Book journal tag adding alpha stickers and thickers for the date.
I love how perfectly it goes with the silliness of grandbabie's faces!
 Page 2:
Minus one photo.
I completed this page with the photos I ordered and picked up on Friday, so the week wasn't quite done...I figure easy fix...just add that friday or saturday picture in later.

Week 35

Week 35:
 Page 1:
Title Page, lovin it!
Turquoise Edition PL cardstock with a strip of cardstock from the Clementine Edition
Added a cute little ticket tag I found in my stash for the date.
 Page 2:

Week 34

Week 34:
 Page 1:
Title page was fun and simple.
PL Cardstock, used my Slice to cut out a heart that I added to the edge, a Marth Stewart label with alpha stickers from my stash for the date.
The pocket next to the title page is the same PL cardstock with the room key from our anniversary trip mounted to it.
 Mini Pages 1 & 2:
this is a cut down coin pocket page.
2x2 photos fit perfectly in these.
page 1 is my silly husband
page 2 is the views from our vacation and some detail shots of our time away
 Card Page:
I cut down one of the PL pages of the 6x6 pockets to one pocket, the anniversary cards we gave each other fit well in there.
 Page 2:

Week 33

Week 33:
 Page 1:
 Page 2:

Week 32

Week 32:
 Page 1:
Title page is cardstock with a 1" strip of differing pattern attached to bottom, topped with some bling. Chipboard thickers for the numbers, a ticket tag from my stash with a clear dot to highlight the month...see detailed picture at the bottom of this post.
 Page 2:
 Title page detail:

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